Daalse Kwint, Utrecht

An office lobby with a Scandinavian twist



The first impression you get when you enter any office building is generated by the lobby that you step into. Our briefing was to change the character of the lobby in the Daalse Kwint from a cool, corporate one into one that communicates quality, welcome and hospitality. The lobby has since changed from what was essentially a transit area into a place that invites you to stay longer.


Now, as soon as you enter the lobby you are greeted by a sculpture-like reception desk. The rhythm of the elements in the reception desk is clearly reflected above in the lighting in the ceiling and enhanced by the mirroring opaque surface behind it. The whole scene is characterised by the use pure materials and clean lines drawn in a quiet colour setting that would certainly not be out of place in a Scandinavian setting. A black ceiling, concrete-like columns and sisal carpet on a beige natural stone floor emphasise the overall effect, while integrated lighting provides just the right ambience.

Client Deka Immobilien Gmbh

Programme Conversion of office reception to a lobby

Team Rene Berbee
Volker Ulrich
Claudio Varone

Size 300m2

Year 2013 – 2014

Collaborators Studio Rublek

Status Built

Architect VURB architects

Image credits VURB architects
Luuk Kramer

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