de Keyser – deelplan 7

Traditional residential buildings for contemporary tenants


Our Vision

The Beemster Polder dates back to the early 17th century and is an exceptional example of reclaimed land in the Netherlands. The village of Middenbeemster is centrally located in this polder, at the intersection of the Rijperweg and Middenweg main roads. Until now, living in the Beemster could be characterised as rural, with people often still living in traditional farms. However, as the next generation takes over the reins, people in the target group are increasingly turning their backs on large farms. Instead, they are looking for suitable living space – in the form of spacious rented apartments – in a rural setting. Providing smaller, practical homes will facilitate the through-flow of residents, thereby encouraging them to stay in their local community for many years to come.


Inspired by a rational renaissance approach in landscape design and architecture, we opted for we deemed to be an appropriate design approach. The new buildings are a departure from the current low-rise context, yet, in terms of scale and appearance, they blend in harmoniously with existing farm ensembles. The central entrance hall of each building is very roomy, the porches have two residential entrances per floor and the storage area and utility room of each apartment are accessible from inside and out. Furthermore, the apartments are surrounded by plenty of outdoor space and have large windows to allow daylight to flood inside. The buildings are pragmatically configured to offer maximum living quality. The roof and façade are fabricated from the same material and are simultaneously traditional and abstract in character. The common area between the two buildings stimulates interaction between residents, as well as their participation in joint activities, such as fishing or gardening.

ground floor

first floor

second floor

Client Protestantse Kerk Beemster

Programme 18 appartments

Team Jon Eseverri
Martijn Floris
Inge van Heeswijk
René Berbee
Volker Ulrich

Size approx. 3000m2

Year 2020 –

Collaborators Van Rossum – constructie
Quinta – installaties
Blonk advies – bouwfysica
Bureau Veldweg – brandveiligheid

Status Building permit

Architect VURB Architects

Image credits VURB Architects

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