de Nieuwe Valkenburcht

Old & Wise


Our vision

Located in Oosterbeek, the Valkenburcht is situated on the fringe of the Hooge Veluwe National Park. Here this landscape with heathland and forest is structured by monumental beech tree alleys. We identified and seized the opportunity to open its landscape vistas and blend the required programme into the landscape by designing four separate, terraced buildings. And all in an open setting.

Landscaped buildings in a landscape setting – the perfect place for a morning stroll or a Gin Fizz at sunset.

parkflat – a barrier in the landscap

continuation of landscape alleys

central park

underground private parking



loggias & roofterraces


Our approach

We decided to develop an inclusive residence for all ages that oozes high levels of comfort and hospitality. The Valkenburcht complex houses 212 apartments in various sizes, 30 of which are designated for somatic care. In terms of square metres, the total development is substantial. However, by opting for a layered and open design, it feels natural and friendly. The facilities situated around the lobby of the main building are accessible to everyone and the building offers a restaurant, a sports club, ateliers and a library. Terraces on the ground floors connect to the adjacent park, while those on the upper floors offer the tenants both communal and private spaces. Private loggias connected to the living areas provide a feeling of protection, while the verandas make it easy to strike up a conversation with neighbours. The common thread running through the landscape, urban and architectural design is the layered structure that connects the public, collective and private spaces.

The residents of the existing Parkflat, as well as people in the neighbourhood, required a thought-through process of participation in all phases of the design. In conjunction with our client, this was a challenge we were only too happy to accept!


2nd floor

6th floor


3 room appartment 79m2

3 room appartment 90m2

penthouse 145m2

Client All-In Real Estate

Programme 177 Appartments, 35 Care Appartments, Restaurant, underground parking

Team René Berbee
Jon Eseverri
Volker Ulrich

Status Preliminary Design

Architect vurb architects

Image credits vurb architects
Absent Matter

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