New-West Residence Amsterdam

An apartment building that facilitates the future of its neighbourhood


Our vision

The New-West district of Amsterdam is in need of diversification. In addition to welcoming new groups of residents, the New-West Residence development must also make it possible for young families to stay in their neighbourhood and contribute to their community. For these reasons we decided to approach this development from a sociological perspective, to include its local residents, history and nature.

Our approach

The basic principle of the New-West Residence was to create a building where people can live for many years to come. Instead of designing static apartments with fixed floor-plans, we have developed open apartments that can change with the lives of their owners. Need more rooms? Just create an extra floor – or two! Furthermore, the building’s galleries aren’t linear, offering the space for a spontaneous chat or small outdoor get-together. The New-West area used to be a polder, defined by water. We have given a distinct nod to this fact with a cane garden and the building’s own rain-purification system. And to underscore the community feeling, residents can enjoy a hot drink in the coffee bar or browse through the books in the local library on the ground floor.

Client Heutink Ontwikkeling en Bouw

Programme 72 apartments, shops and workshops, public library, underground parking

Team Olaf Gipser
Volker Ulrich
Simona Puglisi
René Berbee
Jon Eseverri Cienfuego
Jesse Zweers

Size ca. 16.000m2 BVO

Year 2014 – 2020

Collaborators Alferink Van Schieveen – structure
Bureau Veldweg – fire safety
HTD Advies – installation
Scope Bouwmanagement – quantity survey
Smartland – ecology
Arup – energy, acoustics
Goudappel Coffeng – parking
Nio Stedelijk Onderzoek – sociology
Vista – ecology

Status Built

Architect Olaf Gipser Architects & VURB Architects

Image credits Olaf Gipser Architects
VURB Architects
Luuk Kramer

Next project


A place where students and residents will meet