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Our Vision

Closely linked to Prussia’s military past, Berlin Spandau is a former garrison town, citadel and large-scale production site for the defence industry. This project is located centrally between the Plantageplatz and Stresowplatz public squares. At the moment, the link between the public space connecting these two squares and the Havel River is not accessible. Population densification, combined with the provision of high-quality urban space, is being strategically deployed here to make the banks of the Havel accessible, both physically and spatially.


The project is located at the intersection of railway and water, where these two urban elements complement one another. The railway line is bordered by a string of high-rise buildings that fit in with and complement existing building blocks with a gutter height of approximately 20 metres and that are so typical of Berlin. Student Experience Spandau is comparable to a stack of these Berlin building blocks, with a broad base accessing public functions along the Havel. The spaces between the blocks accommodate sports and leisure functions of Student Experience and offer panoramic views across the city. The west side, meanwhile, is bordered by low-rise residential buildings that complete the existing post-war ensemble


floorplans | bottom layers

floorplans | top layers

Client Student Experience

Programme Approx. 600 studio apartments, 40 apartments, sport facilities, restaurant shops, various collective functions

Team Leire Artieda
Jon Eseverri
Inge van Heeswijk
René Berbee
Volker Ulrich

Size approx. 30.000m2

Year 2019


Status Tender

Architect VURB Architects

Image credits VURB Architects

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